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Platform and Experience


  • Elect Progressive Democrats

  • Empower grassroots organization at the county level.

  • Support and expand the Neighborhood Leader Program.

  • Integrate the 2018 DPO Platform Planks within the cultural fabric of the Party.

  • Build Party Unity and win back the White House. 

Political Experience

and Leadership

  • Chair - Democratic Party of Clackamas County 2016- Current

  • Vice-Chair- Democratic Party of Clackamas County 2014-2016

  • Member, DPO Executive Committee 2016- 2018

  • Convener- 2018 DPO Platform Education Sub-Committee

  • Delegate- DPO State Central Committee 2014- Current

  • Member- DPO Platform and Resolution Committee 2016- 2018

  • Chair- CD3 Bernie Sanders Delegate Selection Convention

  • Coordinator- Democratic Party of Clackamas County Neighborhood Leader Program 2013- 2016

  • Neighborhood Leader 2014- Current

  • Candidate- State Representative for House District 52 in 2012.  Ran campaign on $50.00 limitation taking only donations from individuals living in district.  Received over 48 % of vote.

  • Treasurer- Oregon Trail Democrats in House District 52. 2011

  • Precinct Committee Person (PCP) 2010- Current

Professional Experience

Retired educator with 35 years as public-school teacher, special education teacher, behavior specialist, high school assistant principal, special education director, middle school principal and high school principal.


PhD     1993      

University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

MS       1970      

State University College

at Buffalo, NY

BS        1967      

Northern State University, Aberdeen, SD 

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